Starting with childhood encouragement from my grandfather, teenage exploration on my early travels through mainly photographing our children growing up, took me many years later into the digital age. For the last ten years my fascination with seeing the world through the lens has grown. My style has developed - shapes, reflections, shadows, lines and those around me.

The main galleries on this site are of my travels over the last eight years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's, determined to travel as far and wide as I can whilst I can.  This includes Australia, India, Ethiopia, Canada, Cuba, Cambodia, Japan, Brazil, Chile and  Antarctica. I have accomplished a goal of visiting all six continents since being diagnosed, and there are galleries for each of these countries.

Popular photos

Not happy with my camera, but still she just stood there watching me
If you have any comments or questions on the photos on this site, please email me at david@kaye-photography.com
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